Key Steps to building a robust individual giving program, Part IV – Stewardship: come back and visit us often By Carl Sylvestre

Development is an ongoing process.   Securing a gift is not the end of the process but the beginning of the next phase.  Philanthropy is not a lifeless transaction that transfers money from one set of hands to another.  The focus of philanthropy is to help people recognize that they are

Key Steps to building a robust individual giving program, part III – solicitation: Ask and you shall receive by Carl Sylvestre

After setting the groundwork with a prospect comes that critical part that is often the measure of your hard work – securing financial support. Solicitation of gifts is often seen as the single most difficult part of the fundraising process.  You often arrive at this stage having identified some individuals

Key Steps to building a robust individual giving program, part II – cultivation of a friendship by Carl Sylvestre

Once you have a manageable list of prospects, the next phase is the cultivation process.  At this stage, you are not concerned about asking for money.  The goal is to engage your prospects with your organization. Defining Cultivation Cultivate “is to foster the growth of” and so says the Webster

Key Steps to building a robust individual giving program, Part I – Research: Who Will Follow Me? by Carl Sylvestre

Building a successful individual giving program has four stages, which should be followed to succeed.  Paying attention to this process will have lasting impact on your organization because individual donors make up over 80% of gifts to nonprofit organizations.  Individual giving is a key part of a sustainable funding plan.

Earning the right to send year-end appeals by Carl Sylvestre

In addition to ordering our gifts on-line just before the December 25th delivery “guaranteed” deadline, one of the new rituals in the age of the internet is to receive a year-end reminder from our favorite not-for-profit organizations reminding us that it is time for our year-end tax deductible gift. They

Database Management: The devil is in the details by Carl Sylvestre

Imagine to your surprise that the best tool to improve your productivity is in the hands of the individual who you know the least.  It all depends on the size of your organization and its culture, but in most organizations the data entry staff member is often regulated to the

Special Events are Project Managements by Carl Sylvestre

The pictures are often glamorous.  Everyone is smiling and stunningly dressed.  There are also those heartfelt speeches.  How could we not have them? There are so many people to thank for making it all possible.  Welcome to this year’s Academy awards.  Not exactly! I’m talking about one of the many

Finding liberation in strategic planning by Carl Sylvestre

In reviewing the outcome of a recent campaign, a team raised the following question, “what if we had done this instead, what would have been the outcome?” Of course we will never know, the road we didn’t take doesn’t add up to anything. It never happened.  What we can control