Coming At You: Compiling Data From The “You” Generation by Carl Sylvestre

In 2006, Time magazine chose as its Person of the Year the millions of anonymous contributors of user-generated content to Wikipedia, You Tube, MySpace, Facebook, Second Life, the Linux operating system, and the multitudes of other websites featuring user contribution. The choice was personified simply as You. Not-for-profit organizations have

Let Them Hear You (At The Right Time)by Carl Sylvestre

From the moment we wake up, it often seems that everyone wants our attention and to influence our next action. Every organization expects people to know that they are providing an invaluable service and know that the competition is fierce. How do you get ahead of these competitors? A starting

Survival In Uncertain Times, published in “Arts Reach” by Carl Sylvestre (2009)

“Survival In Uncertain Times: Not-for-Profit Theater Companies Staying on Mission and Focusing on Innovation” Carl Sylvestre 2009 Volume XVII Issue 5

Opportunities In A Downturn Economy For Not For Profit Organizations by Carl Sylvestre

The daily economic headlines continue to paralyze our dreams. However, I take the point of view that even in a downturn economy there are opportunities for most organizations if we stay focus on mission and start planning for better times today. The economic downturn is forcing most organizations to review

Getting Started On A Development Plan by Carl Sylvestre

A simple act of courage is all that is needed to start your fundraising plan. Once an early version of a budget is created, most members of the development team know what they are responsible for raising in the next fiscal year. With the budget, the leadership of the organization

The Value Of A Fundraising Plan by Carl Sylvestre

A question that I am often asked is “what is the value of a fundraising plan?” Isn’t it another task that requires a lot of time and efforts and those are always scarce? I believe that having a comprehensive development plan is the best investment that a development staff can

Adding A Fundraising Plan To Your Annual Operations by Carl Sylvestre

A new fiscal year is full of hope and uncertainties and as usual the big question is “will we have the funding to achieve the goals over the next twelve months”? For many organizations this maybe the only time until the frantic closing months of the fiscal year that these

Leveraging Associations: The Promotion of Cultural Sponsorships, published in Journal of Promotion Management by Carl Sylvestre and Luiz Moutinho

2007, Volume 13(3/4) “Leveraging Associations: The Promotion of Cultural Sponsorships”Carl Sylvestre / Luiz Moutinho