The Value Of A Fundraising Plan by Carl Sylvestre

A question that I am often asked is “what is the value of a fundraising plan?” Isn’t it another task that requires a lot of time and efforts and those are always scarce? I believe that having a comprehensive development plan is the best investment that a development staff can

Adding A Fundraising Plan To Your Annual Operations by Carl Sylvestre

A new fiscal year is full of hope and uncertainties and as usual the big question is “will we have the funding to achieve the goals over the next twelve months”? For many organizations this maybe the only time until the frantic closing months of the fiscal year that these

Leveraging Associations: The Promotion of Cultural Sponsorships, published in Journal of Promotion Management by Carl Sylvestre and Luiz Moutinho

2007, Volume 13(3/4) “Leveraging Associations: The Promotion of Cultural Sponsorships”Carl Sylvestre / Luiz Moutinho