Notes from the Field

We need to use the current crisis to better frame the critical role that the arts play in our lives.

Arts Funding Is Facing an Existential Crisis. To Survive, Cultural Organizations Must Change How They Frame Themselves to the Public

I do hope that the arts will have a bigger seat at the table in the new administration, but there is a lot more work ahead to get there. The arts community has to come together more strategically to have an impact. I fear we are still in our “silo” stages. What can we do to change that?

I really love the ideas expressed in this insightful interview with Oskar Eustis

It turns out that most Americans value the arts, we need to act on that.

How Do Americans Feel About the Arts? A New Survey Offers Insights

We need a revolution.

You Say You Want a Revolution

A powerful message from Darren Walker at the Ford Foundation

Some ideas for the path forward. We can’t go back.

Some of the best voices of the American theatre today, the future looks bright.