Notes from the Field

Gifted young Black playwrights

The recent renaissance in American drama would be unthinkable without the energy and imaginative daring of a group of gifted young Black playwrights.

Why put on a play?

Theatre can provide respite from the real world – but it can also share our confusion at the chaos that surrounds us and show us that we are not alone.

It is time to let go of protective control

Time for us to evolve and open our eyes to new models. The time is now. If not now then when?

How Jay Powell’s Coronavirus Response Is Changing the Fed Forever

Is this something like opening Pandora’s box? The textbooks are being rewritten as we speak. Can it benefit more people? Only time will tell.

A Conversation with Allison Leitz, Columbia Teacher’s College

By Allason Leitz (ARAD ‘19) ARAD was pleased to host Carl Sylvestre as part of its Spring Distinguished Speaker Series. Mr. Sylvester spoke about Fundraising for Social Change in the Performing Arts on February 25th, 2019. He has held senior positions at many cultural institutions including The Metropolitan Opera, Whitney